In order to be good at mixing, if you have a fundamental knowledge of important concepts and some of the knowledge that comes from important knowledge, anyone can be good at mixing to some extent.

You don’t need much knowledge than you think.

However, important knowledge must be acquired as one’s own along with practice.

Mixing is not a study of writing, but music and art, so the process of sublimating it in the style of the god is essential. That requires considerable effort.

However, effort and passion without any knowledge are just a waste of time. In this era, time is money.

For example, if you don’t even know the basic operating principles of a compressor, you won’t improve your skills for decades.

This is because knowledge becomes the standard and data is accumulated only when there is knowledge.

The world of mixing has a lot of cases, so knowledge and practice must go together.

So if you don’t have proper knowledge, you can’t improve your skills for decades, but rather regress.