Korean Mixing Engineer INGSPR 2023

First global work: Korea (Muxo) + USA (Nico) + China / China released song / 2019 China release and YouTube release


Strangers in the Night

Mixed&Mastered by MixingArt(IngSpr)

-When sending a mix track, please send it to 48/24 or 44/24.
-Before sending, please check that the front part of all tracks matches well.
-Please also tell us the exact song name and artist name.
-Please also tell us the tempo and key of the song.
-Refunds are not possible during the process.
-If you stick with us until the end and release it, it will be good for publicity and in many other ways.
-Mastering and tuning are provided as standard services.
-After completing the work, please copy and use the credit as written in English below.
-Mixed & Mastered by MixingArt(INGSPR)
-Individual: $600
-Medium to large agency: $1,500

-You can pay “Ripple” coin.

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raQwCVAJVqjrVm1Nj5SFRcX8i22BhdC9WA | (Destination Tag) 2882185888

-mail : mixingart7@gmail.com