Introducing INGSPR – Mixing Engineer from Seoul Korea

Introducing INGSPR – Premier Mixing Engineer from Korea

HI, I’m a mixing engineer called INGSPR in Korea.

I live in Korea, but I want to work with not only Korean musicians, but also musicians abroad.

I studied the mixing sound of Grammy winners for a long time.

And I also graduated from a master’s course in computer music in Korea.

I have worked a lot with Korean musicians, but I want to work with British and American musicians. I think it would be possible to do mixing work if we communicated through e-mail or Facebook messages.
And if you mix with me, you can release your music in the Korean music market and introduce your music to the Korean public.
How about working with me?

I have my recording studio in Seoul. When you come to Korea, you can present a delicious meal and a good time.

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